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Welcome to the Online Home of Deepak Gupta Classes. We are a pioneer name in commerce & finance education in Delhi Circles. We are providing responsible & quality education with a difference since 1994.

We are a team of highly experienced, motivated & energetic teachers who are determined to continuously mark education with its true meaning. We work with students to provide them with guidance & assistance to groom them for their careers & future roles in the industry & society.  

We are an advanced technological Institute with fully computerized subject notes, full topic-wise questionairres with both solved & unsolved questions. We also provide topic based assignment assistance as per the individual requirement of the student.

We are the only cost effective institute where admissions once taken will be applicable till the final examinations.

Our Founder & Promoter, Deepak Gupta is involved in teaching Direct Taxes & other subjects at graduates & various professional levels and was a Master Trainer for "TRP Scheme" of the Income Tax Department.

Deepak Gupta Classes - "The Education You Desire"


Our Strategy

Our Ten Point Development Framework for making students successful:

  1. Define success as per the individual need of the student
  2. Access the strength & weakness of the students
  3. Set the goals with deadlines with personal interaction
  4. Develop discipline & the failure price
  5. Proper Time Management
  6. Proper Upgradation
  7. Effective Communication
  8. Believe in Quality & Ethics
  9. Nurture relationships
  10. Their feedback & advice

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